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Saratoga City Tavern

More Crafted Cocktails
Maple Old Fashioned

Saratoga Stadium

Arias Cabernet

Mount Felix Winery

Purple Cactus

Max London’s

Kentucky Mule

Saratoga Stadium

Classic Martini


Bourbon Smash

Max Londons

Blueberry Mojito

Prime at Saratoga National

Arias Sauvigon Blanc

Mount Felix Winery

The King's Lunch Box

Kings Tavern


Max London's

Celtic Mule



Mount Felix Winery

Paradox Beaver Bite IPA

Saratoga City Tavern

Lisa’s Lemonade

Saratoga Stadium

Saratoga 75

Prime at Saratoga National

Hop Nosh IPA

Saratoga City Tavern

Hot Chocolate

Max London's

Peppermint Blizzard

Prime at Saratoga National

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Pint Sized? Yes. Beer selection? Huge

You'll wish you had thought of this business for downtown Saratoga Springs. But since you didn't, just stop in and enjoy! Pint Sized Small Bar and Bottle Shop at 489 Broadway is a great place …

The Dish: Farmer's Hardware

There's a new farmer in town and it isn't at the Farmer's Market. The newest place to hit the Saratoga food scene is “Farmer's Hardware”, located in the brick warehouse building at …

A few of our favorite things, part 2

In “The Sound of Music,” Julie Andrews sings about her favorite things: a strange assortment including raindrops on roses, bright copper kettles, cream-colored ponies, doorbells, silver white …

Sinclair Saratoga: Happy hour for a lifetime? Well, why not!

Through the beer garden, past the picnic tables and into the green-leaf patterned walls of Sinclair Saratoga, there is a pink neon sign that says, “Together is a beautiful place to be.” …
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